New Updates

Hi everyone. So I've been busy working on my site still and some of you may have noticed a few updates already. So I've added 2 new champions to my champions page. I've updated the text on buying a pom page. I've also made an edit to my about me page near the bottom from the word updates to help to you to find it easier. I've made some changes to the boys and girls page.

Next time you visit turn the sound up 😁 I've added music to a number of pages to entertain you while you look around.

I'm still working on writing the seizures page and I'm adding all the pictures to the colour pages of all the different colours in poms. I have decided I will also add the banned colours but I will make a note about them. I will also be eventually doing individual pages for each pom as well. So that's it for now until the next update 🤗

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